Simplified Load Balancers

Highly configured for a loaded application to distribute incoming network traffic across multiple servers so that a single device does not carry an entire load to ensure Application Scalability, Performance and Security.

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MicroHost helped us to build the secure cloud infrastructure that is save our time, So that we are able to provide the really good experience to our clients.


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Why MicroHost Cloud?

With several cloud providers available for developers today, it could be difficult choosing the one that stands out from the others in terms of excellence. A major challenge is security. We are positioned to help all developers and engineers access the best secure cloud services for their clients and businesses, ensuring that your data is never compromised.


100% human support

Our experts can come on call to understand and fix a problem faster than ever.


Secure and Reliable

Our datacenters are Tier 3 and Tier IV to keep your data safe and secure with uptime reliablity.


Full Resources Control

Access cloud resources from platform and do what ever you need to on cloud resources without asking us.


No long term contracts

No never ask you to sign a long term contract, Simply deploy servers and pay hourly what you used.


Enterprise Hardware

We use only enterprise grade hardware from Dell/HP and Intel's CPU and SSDs


10 Year old company

Helped thousands of companies by reducing cost and providing infra on time, everytime.

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