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NGINX Installation in CentOS 7

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Step 1: Add Nginx repository

 # yum install epel-release 

Step 2:  Install Nginx using following command

 # yum install nginx 

Step 3: Start the service of Nginx

 # systemctl start nginx 

Step 4: Check status of Ngnix

 # systemctl status nginx  

Step 5: If you are running a firewall, run the following commands to allow HTTP and HTTPS traffic:

Command :

 # sudo firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=public --add-service=http  
 # sudo firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=public --add-service=https 
 # sudo firewall-cmd --reload 

Step 6: Now check the webserver while accessing the server IP address in the browser. 

URL: - http://server_domain_name_or_IP/

Thank you 🙂

Table of Contents