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Mysql 1030 got error 28 from storage engine

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In this article, you have how to resolve Mysql 1030 got error 28 from storage engine.

Solution 1.

Insufficient disc space is the cause of MySQL error "28 from storage engine."

Use the following command to display available disc space.

#df -h

This is how the results must be.

command output

Solution 2.

The amount of available storage space must be increased, or unnecessary files must be deleted.

Solution 3.

Remove Items from the Temporary Directories

Switch to the /var/tmp folder.

#cd /var/tmp

Deleting everything in the current directory and its subfolders.

#rm -rf *

Or you can remove the files that are not useful to you, by the command:

#rm -rf filename

Solution 4.

Explore the contents of /backup to discover if an unnecessary backup may be removed.


Hopefully, you now understand how to resolve Mysql 1030 storage engine error 28. 

Thank You 🙂

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