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How to reset the MySQL root password in CentOS 7

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MySQL is an open-source relational database management system . Its name consists a combination of ‘My’ and ‘SQL’ as the name for the Structured Query Language of the co-founder Michael Widenius’s daughter.

Step 1: Login into the server using root credentials on putty.

Step 2. Stop the mysql service using the below command.

#  service mysqld stop 

Step 3. Set the mySQL environment option by using the below command.

#  systemctl set-environment MYSQLD_OPTS="--skip-grant-tables 

Step 4. Start the mysql service .

#  systemctl start mysqld 

Step 5. Login to mysql using root user

# mysql -u root 

Step 6. Update the root user password with these mysql commands

  mysql> UPDATE mysql.user SET authentication_string = PASSWORD('MyNewPassword') -> WHERE User = 'root' AND Host = 'localhost' 


 mysql> quit 

Step 7. Stop mysqld service.

#  systemctl stop mysqld 

Step 8. Unset the mysql environment option so it starts normally next time.

#  systemctl unset-environment MYSQLD_OPTS 

Step 9. Start mysql normally.

# systemctl start mysqld 

Step 10. Now, login to mysql with the new password as shown in the below screenshot.

Thank you!!

Table of Contents