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How to mount Virtio ISO

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Step 1. Go to a Virtio ISO downloading site.

Copy the address link of the Virtio ISO

You can find the link to the Virtio ISO below:

LINK:  https://github.com/virtio-win/virtio-win-pkg-scripts/blob/master/README.md

Step 2. Login to the Microhost Cloud Dashboard

Step 3. Go to the ISO section in the Microhost Cloud Dashboard.

Step 4. ISO downloading step

·        Select data center same as your server’s data center location.

·        In the URL section, paste the link copied in step 1.

·        Add any name to the ISO

·        Click on Add ISO

Step 5. Go to the Cloud Servers

Step 6. Go to the Manage Cloud of your cloud server.

Step 7. Go to ISO in your server options

Step 8. In the mount ISO section, select the Virtio ISO that you downloaded and click on “Mount and Boot from ISO”

Step 9. Virtio ISO mounted successfully.

Thank you.

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Table of Contents