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How to Mount LiveCD ISO in Centos 7

Why we required to Mount LiveCD ISO

In some cases we need to mount liveCD. Suppose you are working on live server and by mistake you deleted some of OS file or due to any reason unable to boot server. In this case you can mount liveCD of that OS and access server. Here we will discuss about Microhost Cloud server.


Step:- 1.

(i) Download LiveCD ISO on microhost cloud platform using feature “ISO”

(ii) In ISO section you will get three option "Datacenter,Downlaod URL of your LiveCD iso and Name"

Step:- 2. Attach liveCD on server using iDRAC or physically or from the Microhost platform and boot server from LiveCD.

Step:- 3. Goto Microhost cloud server console on which server we have attached LiveCD and select option “Start CentOS Linux 7 Live“.

Step:- 4. Configure network on server using command line or GUI.

Step:- 5. Now you need to open terminal onliveCD GUI and reset the password of liveruser.

sudo passwd liveuser

Step:- 6. Enable and start sshd service from below command.

sudo systemctl start sshd

Step:- 7. Now you can access the server using ssh from user liveuser.

Step:- 8. Mount your server drive on liveCD using below command.

sudo mount /dev/vda1 /mnt

Step:- 9. Now goto liveuser/usr directory and copy the data of /usr or directory which deleted or corrupted of your server.

cd /usr
sudo cp -r * /mnt/usr/

Step:- 10. Poweroff and disattached or unmount liveCD from server.

Now you can access your server using ssh from any system or desktop.

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