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How to Install PHP in CentOS 7

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PHP is the part of our setup that processes code for dynamic content display. It can run scripts, link to our MySQL databases, and view processed content to our web server.

Step 1. We can use the following command for the installation of our components. The php-mysql kit will also be included.

  # yum install php php-mysql 

Step 2. PHP should be built problem-free. To function with PHP we have to restart the Apache web server.

 # systemctl restart httpd 

Step 3. We can install the php modules by the following command.

  # yum install php-fpm 

Step 4. We can test the php using the test page. We will edit create a php file at given location.

 # vi /var/www/html/info.php 

Now copy the content as given below in the file and save the file by :wq


Step 5 : We can access the page by following url.


Thank you!

Table of Contents