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How to create RDP user in Windows Server 2012

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Follow the steps below to create additional RDP users to connect to your Windows Microhost cloud server.

1. Access your server using RDP with administrator.

2. Click on Server Manager and open.

3. In server Manager click on Tools and expand tools and open Computer Management.

4. Click On users and groups.

5. Right Click on Users and add new user. Check option "User must change password at next login" if you want to change user password at first login.

6. Enter user name ,Full name and password.

7. Now you need to go in user properties for assigned RDP group for access RDP.

8. Click on add button.

9. Now click on Advanced tab for search group.

10. Click on find button.

11. Here you need to select group "Remote Desktop Users" and click ok.

12. Now the search window will close and click on ok.

13. Again you need to open Server Manager and click on Services.

14. Click on remote desktop Services and restart the services using restart option.

Now try to access Remote Desktop with created new RDP user.

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Table of Contents